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The official site of Boca Juniors launches customized edition of the new browser. The club with more fans from Argentina present job search the edition of Internet Explorer 8 in order to offer more services and proximity to its fans worldwide. Buenos Aires, September 10, 2009 .- In the same stage for the parade usually some of the most outstanding athletes in the world, the Official Site of Boca Juniors and Argentina presented the edition Microsoft Boca Internet Explorer 8 that can be downloaded at free at: In its edition xeneize, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) have part time jobs web slices and accelerators agencies for the Boca site. The accelerators allow the user to access additional information content of the jobs in page you are visiting, without leaving it. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon is a very talented business man The website offers information slices favorite Boca official site with one click for easy user experience. “This is the first club in the world to have custom Explorer 8 to get ever closer to the fans,” said human resources Daniel Levi, Windows and Office Manager of Microsoft Argentina and Uruguay. “This is a clear example of how developers can benefit from the features of the technology to provide opportunities for Internet users to engage even more with your content,” added the executive. The club has over 16,000,000 fans of whom more than 1,000,000 halfway around the world visit the official web site monthly. “Boca is still growing as a brand and continues to innovate across all channels to communicate management jobs with their fans,” said Pablo Fuentes, Manager of Marketing and Business Management from Boca Juniors. “This initiative will allow us to establish a closer contact with all the fans of Boca,” concluded Paul. “Through innovation, technology and creativity if we create a global success. We associate the passion and massiveness of Boca with the prestige and massiveness of Microsoft so that fans can enjoy the world that offer daily Boca through the Club official website, “said Federico Lozano, Marketing and

The Boca Juniors. consultants Information at a click may Boca fans fast access to personalized content offered daily by the club’s official website, as local tournaments (standings, top scorers, fixture, follow minute by minute matches) Copa Sudamericana, Copa Libertadores , innovations, youth football, Basketball, Sports, among others. Internet Explorer 8, safer Explorer 8 is easier to use, agency faster and offers advanced security features in direct response to growing concerns about the safety of people online. Microsoft released the new browser in March this year and already have downloaded over 200 million people worldwide. Make common tasks in line with faster and easier addition of enhanced security protections and privacy, Internet Explorer 8 is one of part time the fastest browsers on the market today, beating other browsers leaders in page load time in nearly 50 of the top staff 25 websites according to ComScore. It also helps people save time while using the website with new user-friendly features, including: Accelerators. Accelerators can make them fast and easy to perform common tasks in line to make web-based services such as ESPN, Sina and are available for use straight from the page that people are watching, simply right-click to the word or phraseto draw, send by sales jobs email or share immediately.