International Market Builders

On Russian and international markets builders are increasingly choose polyethylene foam. It is also called "cross-linked" foams because of the "matching" at the molecular level. Due to the modified structure, foam takes on an entirely unique properties. The largest and only in Russia and CIS manufacturer, which has almost all the technologies for the production of foamed polyethylene, – JSC "Izhevsk plastics plant." Brand IZOLON known since 1985, depending on the technology production distinguish physically crosslinked IZOLON PES and chemically cross-linked PES IZOLON NC. In such applications as construction, these materials are interchangeable, their key performance indicators presented in the table. In SniP 23.03.2003 "Protection of noise "section 9.13. stated, "Paul on the sound insulation layer (pads) should not have hard links (sound bridges) with the carrier part of the ceiling, walls and other structures of the building, ie must be floating.

The wooden floor or Floating concrete basement floor (screed) should be separated by the contour of the walls and other structures of the building clearances 1-2 cm wide, filled with sound-proof material or product, such as soft hardboard, molded products made of porous polyethylene. " That is, according to building codes, cross-linked polyethylene is not just allowed, but recommended when the device seals. And from the tests NIISF conducted, we can conclude that the cross-linked polyethylene IZOLON index improved sound insulation screed higher than all other foam and is 23 dB at a thickness of 5 mm (see table).. Thanks zakrytoyacheistoy IZOLON structure does not absorb water, so the additional waterproofing is not required, that will significantly speed up the installation process and save your time and your money. Unlike other materials, when there are many questions about the hygienic safety, when used in the construction material IZOLON can be sure of its hygienic clean, after all of it made even the children toys. IZOLON is ideal for use in warm floors, as can be duplicated by the metallized plastic film, which, unlike the foil does not corrode in contact with cement. Flexibility and ease cross-linked polyethylene is converted into IZOLON universal building material of choice for more and more construction workers in Russia and abroad. And most importantly, we must remember that no matter on what you choose, stop, should choose competent professionals who comply with all building rules and regulations, and, if possible, try to control their work, that was not allowed to marry and your money will not have been thrown to the wind.