International Leadership Program

Leadership program by Dr. Kraus & partners gives managers the necessary skills, to lead multinational teams for many multinational companies is: while you are offices and factories in many countries. What is missing however, is a transnational (corporate and) management culture; Furthermore a managers development program that qualified recruits to complete multinational teams, as well as to the occupation of leadership positions in foreign countries and thus cultures. Such development programs are but even more important, the global, a company operates not only to implement business strategies across national borders, but also as flexible to use the existing management staff. Against this background, Dr. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem. Kraus management consulting & partner, Bruchsal, an international leadership programme has been designed. In him Junior executives to qualify for it to assume leadership positions in the foreign and (virtual) multinational teams to conduct.

The multi-tiered program that is always tailored to the needs of each company, consists usually of four to six modules and extends over a period of eight to twelve months. “Further marks of the leadership program are: between the individual components from at least two countries, participants in working groups must do together concrete projects, to train the work in multinational teams according to Ernesto Laraia, Director of international human resources development” Dr. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sandra Akmansoy. Kraus & partners, promotes the cross-border networking. In addition, two stays of several months in which foreign works be integrated upon request of the company in the development program, inter alia to promote the sensitivity of new recruits for foreign cultures. The participants are prepared individually on these stays. The four to six training modules”of the leadership program build content each other on.

In them the participants engaged in first (again) the question of what constitutes a good leadership from their point of view as well as corporate and employee point of view and what skills and traits you must have, to achieve the desired effect in the relationship system companies. This building they deal then with the question, what leadership executives should show in different cultures so that succeeds in establishing necessary relationship to the employees, and you give them the desired orientation in everyday work. These findings are then transferred on the various management tasks as priorities set, agree on targets, promote inspection and taxes, as well as employees and develop. Intensive participants also deal with those instruments, which are increasing their leadership tasks; Also with the question of what in the handling of such instruments such as the Management by objectives”, but also the feedback and coaching of employees out to foreign cultures. “Questions will be discussed in the program as: what (management) behavior is necessary the different cultures, with employees and colleagues a sustainable commitment” to achieve? And: How do you deal in them with conflict? “This is the overarching aim according to Laraia: participants should although the required behavioural flexibility to run by people with a different cultural background develop, but without their own identity and personality denying and seem to give up.” For more information about the international leadership program get interested companies at the management consultancy of Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal (Tel.: 07251 / 989034;) Internet:).