Increased Production Standards

Doroshenko VS, Ph.D., FTIMS NASU best technology end of the 20th century, improving, stayut firmly on an industrial basis, provide income and attract investment in new production, determining its competitiveness. Structural changes in the economy during the transition to a market highly competitive removed the need for mass production and raised the demand for small and medium series of castings with increased size and weight accuracy, and also improved performance characteristics. Under these conditions, the development of the domestic foundry industry is on the way stand-alone medium-sized shops with flexible technology castings high accuracy and complexity when the method of casting on gasified models (LGM) was the most suitable place in the casting sand-clay molds, investment casting, permanent mold in, or in other ways. In this method of casting a model casting means already half the cast to get itself out of metal. Model Casting – polystyrene (The everyday name – foam), as the packaging of a TV, or a single plate of food, which are punched out million in vending machines, and polystyrene plates insulated exterior walls of high-rise buildings. On a similar technology for a series of castings made from the powder model of polystyrene in lightweight aluminum molds when heated to 130 degrees. S. For single and large casts (sometimes up to several tons) of suitable cutting patterns of the plates foam. Model and obtained by her cast have high accuracy and a competitive presentation, aided by color model of a fast drying paint with a powder-refractory.