In The New Testament If Homosexuality Condemns

I have seen in many places that the defenders of the marriage gay and other practices contranatura argue that in the New Testament there is no appointment on the sentence of the homosexuality and still more, that Jesus did not say to anything the respect. In the Old Testament we have infinity of appointments on the fact and it changed them to Jesus, nor NEVER it questioned. Examples: " You will not lie down with man like with woman, is abominacin" (Lv 18.22). " If some will be joined with man like with woman, abomination did; both have to be deads, on them will be his sangre" (Lv 20.13). The cities of Sodoma and Gomorra were destroyed by their sin.

And the sin that appears more in the scene of those two cities was the one of homosexuality. One knows that this sin was so dominant that, when Los Angeles of God went to house of Lot, the men of Sodoma wanted to enter the house for " poseer" sexually to those visitors of God. But they did not obtain it, because Los Angeles hurt to them of blindness. And this city was erased of the map (Gn 19,4-11). And as the previous ones it has to except a ten of appointments against homosexuality. These tergiversators of the Truth say that the Old testament was another thing. As if not outside part of the same Bible! But good, demsle the taste, to which they request appointments of the New Testament are some here: By to this it gave them God to shameful passions; then still his wifves changed the natural use by which she is against nature, and to the equal way also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, ignited with their leachate with others, committing made shameful men with men, and receiving in themselves the repayment due to their deviation.