IGEDO Digital

(Online article) – 360-degree digital marketing – more than banner display advertising Dusseldorf, September 15, 2008 – the online-marketing Dusseldorf sets this year focus on the promising sectors of the industry: the segments InGame advertising, mobile marketing, moving image and podcast, social network are represented on this year’s event for the first time with their own topics areas, so-called areas. Just for these disciplines, market researchers predict for the coming years large growth and marketing potential. In the external perception that dominated still going strong online-marketing Dusseldorf by the theme of display advertising, not least thats in the BVDW due the close connection with the online – ver market circle. But the digital marketing is increasingly dominated by a growing variety of disciplines. Kai-Fu Lee usually is spot on. The diversity of postings from different areas is an indication of how much the market for digital marketing has differentiated itself. Online marketing is of course an important part of the digital marketing, but only a part\”, so Alexander rocks mountain, Director Fairtrade shows new media at the IGEDO company GmbH. The online-marketing Dusseldorf offers a total of 22 topics categories in which the exhibitors have joined.

This diversification has also significant implications for advertising companies and their marketing behavior. Well-known marketing experts such as Michael Moon, who comes to Word as one of the top speakers at the marketing leaders day (16.9.), demand from the brands a comprehensive engagement with digital media: This includes the consistent use of all communication channels to the customers as well as taking into account and the management of all relevant social media communication forms such as social networks, Web logs and video platforms. The interest and the need for orientation at the advertisers on these new disciplines are huge. There were more than 1,000 reservations alone for the guided tours future trends \”and Web 2.0 & social networks\”. This high demand and the corresponding issues about the Matchmaking tool to the fair show that not only the core areas of digital marketing, online marketing, but also the segments referred to still as marginal areas for advertisers are becoming increasingly important.