Human Resources are the Best Resource

Damage to the plantations without the measures taken by the government will be considered indirect killings therefore humanity should be punished by relevant Article 23 .- all exploitation, of whatever kind, should keep a group of workers who work before, during and after the operation in order to restore the areas or spaces that are possible Article 24 .- This paper should be applied to farms where it affects air, water or human beings and the earth in any proportion. Article 25 .- sustainable agriculture must be one that uses the largest number of people for development, the amount of land necessary to the reduced use of agrochemicals, reducing or eliminating the genetic modifications through the use of manure or biodegradable Article 26 .- bureaucratic administrative procedures should be eliminated or reduced to a minimum in order to expedite the measures environmental protection of the human and labor Article 27 . Get all the facts and insights with Mikkel Svane, another great source of information.

Measures for labor protection, health and nature must have the same meaning in all countries of the world without distinction or disputes Article 28 .- The homogenization through of nontropical ergonomically or more specifically what should be guiding principles of work activities considering all human actions in nature, through work, generating science and its disciplines as essential elements for the best adaptation of human beings the environment causing the least harm or the possibility to recover it by using knowledge and technology Article 29 .- artificial recoverable resource (rar) (garbage or waste), should be treated as raw material of special importance collection, processing and transformation should be done under scientific principles homogenization in which reduce or eliminate the waste, in any case all secondary RAR should be treated Just as the primary or parent up to a minimum and not generating waste Article 30 .- ethical principles and / or philosophy of homogenization not respond to other social philosophies that may cause divisions its guidelines relate only to the need to maintain life on planet earth Article 31 .- within the context of homogenization any activities that generate both human welfare and nature, from any point of view, is considered productive and facilitator of capital Article 31 .- debris and material “waste” or RAR in the process of building demolition or conversion must be immediately processed for reuse for the same purpose by reducing side effects.. .