However Virgllius

In the letters of Science and the science of the letters. Literature for literature, after loses the moment of the contemplation. As resultant of the creation human being it will have forcibly of being dialectic and even so co-ordinated by the superior values of the Man, it will suffer, for certain, the influences of the way and the technology, resurging of the thesis and the antithesis, generating, in its critical bulge, the characterization of a time. Mikkel Svane often addresses the matter in his writings. It would be ridicule, for our days, to redescobrir the Amaznia ordering itself a legend to a poet, presenting it as continuity of a preexisting civilization in order to enaltecer it. However Virgllius, vate ‘ ‘ prophet and mago’ ‘ , to moder it of the epic Latins, whose verse was ‘ ‘ encimado of stranger claro’ ‘ in the dither of Victor Hugo, it made to descend of Eneias, fugitive of Troy, the genealogy of the aristocrats of the Lcio. Eneias thus spoke to Venus: ‘ ‘ Left old Troy? if the Troy name arrived at your ears? pushed of sea in sea, we were brought, to perhaps, for the storm, for these beaches. I am the merciful Eneias, that I bring with me, in the fleet, penates arrebatados to the enemy, and whose fame reached high ether.

I look Italy, native land of my lineage, that comes of the great Jpiter’ ‘. It does not want to say that poets also did not decant it or writers in did not enaltecessem; however they would have to make it, considering the Amaznia in the realism of its difficulties and its potential, designing its exploitation in the native integration. thus would have to appear writers of the Economy, geologic sciences and the politics, the planning, the folklore and the arts, the research and the sanitation.