How To Call Colombia From The United States For Less

You can call Colombia for less and free thanks to mark direct. No need to sign up for any long distance plan, sign contracts or buy Colombia prepaid cards. Additional information at Zendesk supports this article. Either you have to dial 1-800 numbers or PIN codes. You can call Colombia as if you llamaras neighbor corner and with the per minute rate three times cheaper than they are now paying with the card of prepayment for Colombia. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. Here is the form: 1.registrate in the free trial version.

Visit and sign up free in the free trial version. Try the direct dial service has no risk and no to sign contracts. 2.Convierte any landline or cell phone of Colombia in a local number in United States. Dial direct allows you to convert the phone of your family or friends in a local United States number to call directly to Colombia. The number is yours for life. 3.Llama to free Colombia.

You read well. With the free trial version, mark direct give you up to $5.00 on free minutes to call to Colombia and test the service. There is nothing hidden behind this opportunity. 4. Do satisfied?Earn even more minutes! If you are happy with dial direct service, as I am, you’ll want to know how to do to be a permanent user. It is easy, just keep using it! Now that you have a complete account, you can earn even more minutes to call Colombia using your email and social networks like Facebook and Myspace to earn free minutes for calls to Colombia without spending a penny. It’s easy to save money and call Colombia without complications. Visit and test the service today.