Higher Education

Urge to the reality of a decline in higher education some of the deterioration of academic excellence, to seek measures, actions to rescue the ideal operation should have the universities and where the State is committed to helping them, providing the necessary inputs to motivate its members to provide their skills, abilities, knowledge, so that always is secured academic-ism and that the state encourages them. You should not harass the State universities, suffocate and abandon in their budgets, they must ensure and provide fair wages, decent for those who help in training and education of its professionals, as part of the university should support them in their management, meet their obligations and avoid the manifestation of motivation that much harm has led to universities, to the point, to affect its operations efficiently, and impair academic excellence. (Source: Michael Dell).

In an interesting analysis of higher education in the country, Jose Albornoz reminds us to consider the concepts of the new paradigm of higher education: Higher education is a unit of knowledge intensive production, the new ethics of knowledge leaves his liberal and associated aesthetic a new concept, the institution as an appendix to the market needs higher education accepted as a standard virtualization technology in the process of communication and knowledge production is not only necessary to speak of the knowledge society, but this concept is obsolete because it is essential to speak of intellectual capital as a factor and sector of the economy and Productivity signa productive function of the academic profession, as in the cases of PPI. .