Help For Unikatismus Patients

Canvasco establishes private clinic of RainbowClinics in Chur Hamburg, 23 June 2009 all know this problem: you goes to dinner in a restaurant, a bar or at a party and is looking forward to a pleasant evening. Hardly it is there, you can discover someone, who wears the same rock or the same handbag as yourself. How to respond? Anger, despair, panic escape? Imagine now that feeling in thousand exaggeration: some people react to things that are there several times, with much worse symptoms than just bad mood. Some people cannot bear it with the best will, that it things twice or several times are. You suffer from the morbid desire for uniqueness. “This disease has a name: Unikatismus”.

Canvasco, a manufacturer of bags unique, feels connected to these people. To give to Unikatisten the proper attention, they have established in the RainbowClinics a private clinic in Chur, the Unikatisten handles. Prof. Anders, Chief of the clinic, explains, for more information. By the way: For Unikatisten the Unikatistenmodus is highly recommended, which is similar to any page of the other and each one has an own design. Alternatively you can order is a unique bag of canvasco on the page easily. (A valuable related resource: Energy Capital Partners). The bags are made of used sail material, and so each of them is unique so as done for Unikatisten. More unique items on. Contact for the press: service plan fire PR Eva Sophie Kaazi mountain Harvestehuder route 43 and 45 20149 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 20 22 88-86 20 fax: + 49 40 20 22 88 86 11 E-Mail: