Greylock Venture Capital

Facebook began allowing college students to add to students whose schools were not included in the site, due to requests from users. In March 2006, BusinessWeek reported that a potential acquisition of the site was under negotiation. Facebook declined an offer of 750 million. Citation needed In May 2006, Facebook’s network extended with success in India, with support from institutes of technology in that country. In June 2006 there was a deal with iTunes and iTunes Store know the musical tastes of the users and thus provide a download link on your own site. In August 2006, Facebook added universities in Germany and Israel to its network. It also introduced the importation of blogs Xanga, LiveJournal or Blogger. Since September 2006, Facebook is open to all Internet users, despite protests from many of its users, citation needed because he would lose the basis on which students had been maintained.In July 2007, Facebook announced its first acquisition, Parakey, Inc. Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt. In August of that year gave him the cover of the prestigious magazine Newsweek, in addition to integration with YouTube. In late October 2007, the network of networks sold a portion, 1.6 , to Microsoft in exchange for 240 million, citation needed with the condition that Facebook is becoming a business model for brands factory where they offer their products and services, as user data and profile it. This acquisition Facebook valued at fifteen billion dollars, although the consensus among analysts was that this figure exceeded the actual value of the company – for Microsoft was not just a financial investment, but also a strategic move on the Internet. The latest injection of capital to Facebook -27.5 million dollars, was led by Greylock Venture Capital (investment fund with strong ties to the CIA).One of Greylock Partners is Howard Cox, “according to The Guardian-owned investment fund in venture capital from the CIA. In July 2009, , founder of the company was announced that Facebook had reached 250 million users. On 15 September the same year announced that more than 300 million, and on 2 December that it had more than 350 million.