legodo study: Consumers prefer contact with tax authorities and other authorities prefer letter Karlsruhe channels industry, different written, 02.07.2012 – when it comes to the written communication with companies and authorities, then the German consumers prefer the digital way majority. This does not apply according to a study of the legodo ag but for all industries and institutions alike. So, only 37 percent of over 1,600 surveyed consumers with their tax office preferably via email or other digital media want to communicate, while 58 percent would prefer the postal letter or fax, if they could choose the way of communication. But also for the written contact with other authorities and public institutions of classical (49 percent) is preferred mostly way. On the other hand, the vote of 42 percent suggests that the Government in written contact with citizens increasingly digital must align themselves. However, there is in contact with the free company Economy a clear preference for the modern means of communication. This is little surprise for the online retailer, of which almost two-thirds prefer electronically are addressed.

However, the telephone companies achieve a similarly high digital acceptance. Only 29 percent of those polled would remain in the analog world, when it comes to contract questions, invoices and claims. The communications preferences with other service providers such as the utilities, cable providers or train show a similar picture. Compared with the financial firms a more sophisticated opinion among consumers but. Because while 56 percent of prefer digital and 30 percent prefers a letter would communicate with the banks, the situation when the insurance is slightly different. Here the digital channels but also enjoy a certain preference, but the postal communication has also rank relatively high in consumer acceptance. The same applies after the results of the legodo study which Mail-order companies and health insurance companies. In another part of the industry companies is however less desire to communicate with them in writing digitally.