If there was some aspect in which computer technology has shown massive growth, is in video games. From small applications Flash in social networks, platforms developed by software firms to games developed by independent, in Colombia programmers finally is brewing a culture of videogames for PC in response to high prices and low functionality of the consoles. Although, technically speaking, any PC can run video games of last generation, there are people who dedicate time and a significant capital to build real entertainment machines. What is needed to make the most of recent PC games? 1 Time. It may seem odd that this is mentioned as a requirement, but we must bear in mind that: to increase the resources of the PC, developers have created long and complex experiences that have several points to save memories and scenarios. A game can last for weeks or months. Strategy online games have ceased to be linear experiences to become territories for exploration with various missions. The time pressure is different and a campaign can be extended infinitely, depending on the level achieved and contingencies of the game.

Optimize a computer for games takes time and money. Hardware and software upgrades can be made periodically. 2. A processor bulletproof. Although standard processors may be responsible for several tasks and create a gaming experience quite complete, they may not be the best solution if you are to have a team aimed only at games. There is a debate about what kind of processor use: AMD or Intel.

Although the Intel can deal with several functions beyond gaming, AMD processors seem to have more reception among the players. 3 Cards of video/audio games increasingly require less imagination and very complete immersive experiences, become so that investing in cutting-edge audio and video cards can help to enjoy a game in its entirety. 4. A command (joystic/pad/mouse/keyboard) optimized for games. There is nothing worse that not having needed to enjoy a game peripherals. They transform an experience of leisure in tedious and, in the best of cases, incomplete. Invest in a good command significantly improves the experience. There are games that have their own set of peripherals. Although these may be replaced by versions of other drivers or other brands, it is worth rehearsing the games as they were conceived by their designers. Far away are the days in which video games consisted of a pixel that is painfully dragged across the screen. Computer technology has improved, has become affordable and now can get in Colombia.