Fresh Products

Protection of products from meat and fish, the extension of the implementation and at the same time emphasizing favorable appearance of your product, is it possible? Of course, it is necessary to apply advanced technology packaging – shrink bags for vacuum packaging production NPP Dzherelo! In today's world quality packaging along with the fact that a technological, functional, and to deal with the inherent functions, a factor that increases sales goods. By the way, in leading countries, a significant proportion of meat and fish is sold packaged. This is explained by the fact that no packaged foods deteriorate much faster packed. The accumulated positive experience of the world Packing started to use, and domestic producers, as evidenced by continued growth of packaged products. Special attention should be paid specialties. For them, the vacuum packaging significantly prolongs implementation period, thus provides a significant advantage to expand the geography of production in comparison with conventional products. The main factors affecting the safety of meat and fish, are oxygen and all kinds of germs.

Especially dangerous are the anaerobic organisms. Oxidation and the development of anaerobic microflora cause discoloration of products leads to loss of attractive appearance and further deterioration goods. Therefore, the production of meat and fish is important to ensure protection of goods from the above risk factors. In the manufacture of sausages protective function performs nylon membrane, and in the manufacture of lump products must perform the protective function of the vacuum bag. The vacuum bag must perform the same functions for the protection of the goods, as well as nylon shell should have a good product, and skintight after vacuuming. The material from which made the vacuum bag should be large enough coefficient shrinking.

Thermocontracting package packaged products is short for 2 – 4 seconds immersion in hot water products temperature 93 – 95 0C. Eliminates shrinking priglyadnye little folds and irregularities arising from the evacuation of products. The optimal level of heat-shrink package ranges from 30 to 40%. Use Barrier shrink bags as packaging for meat and fish can significantly improve the timing of production and thus makes it possible to better and more flexibly to the logistics sales. The application of the package color multicolor printing to prevent counterfeiting or imitation products and allows for the effect of product recognition in the stores. Thanks to new technologies for the production of materials used in the manufacture of shrink bags, these bags have a unique barrier to oxygen and water vapor. In addition, shrink bags are highly resistant to punctures and wiping at This has good elasticity and optical clarity. Apart from the above shrink bags allow for packaging of products not only in a vacuum, but in modified atmosphere. Shrink Bags allow producers of meat and fish to produce products with excellent appearance and longer implementation. Because of this shrink bags GMP production Dzherelo good reputation among Many Ukrainian producers of meat and fish products.