Fixed Assets Radio Electric Meter

It is worth noting that: – The development of any si begins with the definition of their appointment and conditions of use Spectrum Analyzer – instruments for observing and measuring the relative distribution of electric energy (Electromagnetic) oscillations in the frequency band. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. Here you can buy any kind of spectrum analyzers – the parallel and serial type, analog and digital, low-frequency and broadband, vector and scalar. Oscilloscopes – instruments designed to study the electrical signals in the time domain by visual observation of the graph signal on the screen or recorded on Photo report, as well as to measure the amplitude and temporal parameters of a signal on a graph. Here you can buy any kind of oscilloscopes – the universal and combined analog and digital. Voltmeters – Instrumentation direct reference to determine voltage or voltage in electrical circuits.

Connected parallel with the load or the source of electrical energy. Here you can buy any voltmeters – electromechanical, electronic, pulse, selective and universal, as well as installation and equipment for checking voltmeters. Frequency – measuring devices for determining the frequency of a periodic process or the frequency of the harmonic components of the signal. Most common type frequency meters due to its versatility, wide frequency range (from fractions of hertz to tens of megahertz) and high precision are the electron-counting frequency meters. Here you can buy electron-counting frequency meters leading Russian manufacturers of nice low prices. Multimeters – Electronic measuring devices that combine several functions. At a minimum set of a voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter. There are digital and analog multimeters.

Insulation testers – equipment for measuring high resistance values. Differ from the ohmmeter that measures the resistance at high voltages (typically 1000 or 2500 volts). In the devices of old structures, to obtain the stress is commonly used built-in mechanical generator that operates on the principle of dynamo. Currently, testers also made in the form electronic devices running on batteries. The most commonly used to measure the insulation resistance of cables. Wattmeters – measuring devices for determining the power of an electric current or electromagnetic signal.