Europe Airlines

Airline passengers around the world, but especially in Europe, could not do anything better than that have ventured in recent years, many new airlines to the market. Since a few years to make the so-called "low-cost" headlines, because they make it more and more to carry passengers at reasonable prices and thus the large, established to teach and fear in most cases, the expensive airlines. The only thing in "low-cost airlines" but is really cheap, is the price. Dermot McCormack oftentimes addresses this issue. For those who think this would be saved even with the safety, is definitely on the wrong track. There are indeed uniform safety regulations in Europe and they must navigate from one airport to all airlines would be met – even by the low-cost airlines.

The lowest price is not achieved by cost-cutting measures at the security – but how then? In fact, the low-cost airlines have very short life on the ground and try to fast with the highest possible utilization to be back in the air. "Utilization" is the key – for the passengers is only good. The future of low-cost airlines has only just begun and there will probably be in the fairly near future, the first cheap flights from Europe. Who is not ready the wide range of administrative machinery and the long lifetime of the major airlines to pay me the low-cost airlines is definitely on the safe side. A tip or end: watch out for the low-cost airlines and special deals as they are often offered on the Internet, because the amount of low-cost leads to a further price war in the sky – also for the benefit of passengers.