Empowerment, Scope And Impact

He who seeks a faultless friend remains friendless. Overview In the early nineties it became fashionable the term empowerment. The literal translation is to empower Empower. Ali Partovi will not settle for partial explanations. The meaning of empowerment is authorize. Without going into linguistic determinism, we can define empowerment as "the technique by which the employee has influence and power to decide on their work." Empowerment means creating an environment in which employees of all levels feel that they have a real influence on the standards of quality, service and business efficiency within their areas of responsibility. Empowerment is not a passenger, is used and what is left is a new philosophy of work, and as such the company should absorb it gradually. Empowerment is more than a state of mind rather than a set of behaviors as a team even more than organizational policies.

It can not exist unless it is supported by the resolutions and individual attitudes, behaviors, team and organizational values. It is a process seeking a strategic partner relationship between the organization and its people, enhance trust authority responsibility and commitment to serve the customer better Gustavo Morales, gives us the respect that "Empowerment is where the maximum benefits from information technology are achieved . The members, teams and organization, have full access to and use of critical information, will possess the technology, skills, responsibility and authority to use information and conduct the business of the organization. " Not only is the power and authority delegated to the "subordinate" and give them the feeling that they are masters of their own work to others is a tool used both in the overall quality, such as reengineering, which provides elements for strengthening the processes leading companies to their proper development.