When the traditional banking does not offer appropriate outputs what other resources does offer families and businesses? Realistically, few or none. Yes!. There are other alternatives. May not be to the liking of all-as. It is only a question of assessing the situation in which is immersed-a, and redress the balance of pros and cons.

Hard is for a family to leave the income allowing him to live. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pete Cashmore. Harder still is knowing that you can lose your home and believe that there are no more expectations, expect to run the eviction order. In certain cases, this can be remedied conflict without the participation of the Bank. Is it expensive? Is it cheap? won’t go in valuations, if not in remedies. As some-as they imagined already, I’m talking about a financial formula that does not convince all-as, and back to point out, I not advise on the product, if not on the alternative to continue to maintain your family dwelling between the walls that shelter it and give security.

Capital investors or groups private, are temporarily repairing these troubled loans under the following conditions: you can provide up to 18 months of total deficiency in capital + interest. So all-as we understand, it means that during the life of the loan, you won’t have to pay any monthly fee. So you have savings capacity, and get a day in other financial issues, if it is that you were still some pending payment that were not included in the embargo. The downside lies in that you have to pay all the capital + interests + expenses + fees due date. But this also has a solution. We will discuss it at a later time. The percentages of indebtedness that accept on the appraised value of a home, typically environment to 30%. For other types of properties differ quite: business premises up to 20%, and if it is supporting us in guarantees as rustic plots, here the story changes dramatically, since most of them do not accept them or, if there is any group that It is willing to negotiate with them, will have to do it downward.