To obtain income in line is one of the possibilities of acceding to which we needed and we cannot obtain more by means of an orthodox or traditional work of eight hours or. What we can do, the projects that we can take ahead in the Web are many, go from offering services, sales, or of own or other people’s products, education in case you are a well-educated person in some discipline, programs of affiliates, etc. One more an option than interesting is to create our own ebook to commercialize them in the Web, we must agree that all person has knowledge in certain areas which can helpful be to other people, nowadays is not a secret that the majority of the navigators in Internet which in fact looks for is information any person can write up ebook and raise it the Web and thus begin to make money. Much information referring to the forms or ways exists in line to realise a book, in to this will guide it article in all the parts that compose ebook electronic: 1 The cover: it needs a good title that draws attention and an agreed diagram to the thematic one to the thematic one of its book. It indicates logo and a section to enter the book in if, finally and in divides inferior to it can place the data of Copyright and the data of the author.

2 Index of contents: in fact this is the last page that is created of ebook since this page they will leave the bonds to the sections or chapters the book in his totality. Like the previous page in the part inferior is advisable to place the same box with the data of the author and copyright. 3 Introduction: In the introduction You appear and connect to your readers with the content who found in the body of ebook, details a short summary on the subjects that tried. 4 The body of the book: It is here where it demonstrated his knowledge on the subject that it develops, it must explain it passage by step and to generally divide it in the sections that consider opportune so that it can be included/understood as you want. According to the software that it uses to copound it although they accept it generally to the majority, includes graphs, videos and links to the Web so that it has total interactivity. 5 Recommended resources: In this section it can add directions or links where it can find major information with respect to the thematic one of ebook, can use it also to place a subscription form in case also it has a Web site referring or bulletins of information to this subject. In order to promote products, etc.