Dolby Surround Digital

Continuous technology advance and this time it’s up to the film to the big screen. Novelty, awaited by the specialists and the people who enjoy the good ear was presented by the company Dolby and Dolby Surround Digital 7.1 system is. This new sound system was seen at the opening of the last festival de Sitges (Spain) with the premiere of Julia’s eyes, film starring Belen Rueda and film that has also become the first that Dolby Surround Digital 7.1 sound system used in Europe. Pixar had already released Toy Story 3 with this technology in the United States. Improvement of the 7.1 with respect to the 5.1 is not only the increase in channels, but also, the jump to an audio signal without compression which provides an additional degree of creative freedom, not only in the phase of post-production and mixing, but also at the stage of recruitment or the sound recording. The new system from Dolby, that provides an absolute feeling of surround sound, adds two channels audio to Dolby 5.1 already widespread, in such a way that it maintains the three front channels: central, right and left, but doubles channels surround that now become four: surround left, surround right, surround left rear and right rear surround.

The new system relies on new files needed for digital projection (DCP) that allow you to enter much more information how different dubbing versions and, of course, more sound channels. The two extra surround 7.1 channels reproduce sound with greater naturalness than its predecessor 5.1, creating a soundscape with sounds that depart from all possible directions. In addition, 7.1 sound is very easy to adapt to the 5.1. In fact, all theaters equipped with digital sound reproduction systems, currently must only perform a software update to accommodate the 7.