Digital Tv In Mexico

Five years! Without direction, groping, without clarity, with unfulfilled commitments advances analog-digital tv transition to more than five years after the introduction of digital terrestrial tv (DTT) started, it unveils a first official data of how many households in our country have digital televisions five years! Without direction, groping, without clarity, analog-digital tv transition moves forward with unfulfilled commitments. Cofetel Bulletin 04/2010 revealed that, according to the survey on the availability and use of information technology in households, INEGI, there are 3.6 million households with digital television, which represents 13.6% of the total number of households with tv in the country. But clarifies that those 3.6 million households, i.e., less than half (1.6), are able to receive open DTT transmissions, since the rest are used in computers to tv by cable and satellite, games or videos. Cofetel admits the obvious, that the penetration of digital receivers It is still low, what justifies the need that strategies are implemented to stimulate the acquisition of this type of TVs. What are these strategies? Who will drive them? With what resources? How will television stations participate? Why until now actions and not take before? It shall already inform that body, hopefully not be in 2015. While in the us it ceased to exist the tv analog, in Mexico just he is thinking what to do with the TDT. And there seems to not be any hurry, neither Government nor of some operators. The concessions of the two main television stations were endorsed, as a consequence of the policy of DTT (2 July 2004) agreement, until 2021, year intended for the analogue switch, but this date could be expanded more if the market conditions are not appropriate. To as we are, the digital switchover will be in 2030, 2040, or 2050, by lack of information and stimuli. According to the mentioned agreement, the Consultative Committee of Technologies for broadcasting digital, composed of three representatives of the Government and three of the Chamber of radio and tv (two of them, incidentally, of Televisa), has an obligation to evaluate the development of DTT, considering factors such as investments, receivers market, advertising, surveys, censuses and projections, ratings and more.