Digital Synthesis

My intention in this article is to collect in an only document the ideas practical central offices and relative methods to waveshaping that I have accumulated throughout last the two years having explored the subject. As it is a compendium of some types of materials, the presentation style varies between tutorial and technician, and the orientation varies between practical and theoretical. In general, I tried to place the practical sections and tutorial before the technician and theoreticians. However, so that the ideas in the article can of course be developed, 0ccasionally I found necessary to move away to me from this ideal. To help those readers who can desire to omit the tangential quarrels, the headings of the sections that contain more or less central or especially useful material are marked with punhais. Waveshaping continues to be explored since the moment where the basic project of this article if became fixture. It in such a way has continuous developments in theory as in practical, also some very interesting applications in the simulation of rope timbres similar to the voice. Unhappyly, this research is very recent to be enclosed here, and will have that to be presented at a posterior moment. We wait that this exposition is of some utility for that they desire to lead new inquiries of waveshaping.