Digital Sticky Notes

Video magnet as a competitor to notes who have wanted to remember something, it often resorted to pen and Notepad. As colorful post-its glued them most of the time but in the wrong place, fell off, or wantonly were removed because they were bothered. It is over now. The online Department store presents an alternative: the video magnet. The video magnetic is basically so similar to an answering machine. Equipped with a camera and a display you can save everything that you remind yourself or including the its WG flatmates, in this little device in the future. As with an answering machine, a red flashing indicates that there is a new message.

The video anywhere exposed, such as for example the fridge magnet depends on nothing more can be actually forgotten. Finally, the short video messages are usually much easier to remember than sticky notes. A threat, a love message, or a prompt be strengthened through facial expressions, gestures, and voice. A message can be for 30 seconds maximum. Would you reply the originator of a message, you simply transferred the original message. Again, the red light flashes and the game starts again. The magnet is charged via the USB port of a computer. To place him in places that are not magnetic, there is a corresponding support for the handy device. More information: Press / GmbH Lisa Neumann