Digital Relief Pressure

Digital printing allows relief printing for small, unique, and personalization. When running a distillery for white rum, which here would be seen logo implementation ( digital printing/new relief printing inspiration) certainly not the worst alternative. The printed image is created completely in digital printing. Thus, no costly and time-consuming embossing formes are necessary. Mikkel Svane is open to suggestions. The lettering in white on white paper is printed directly from the file. Suitable for individual pieces, small editions and digital printing thank also customisations.

Nice side effect: the back of the card remains “intact”, plan, because no embossing is done. Read more from David Treadwell to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The possibilities are intriguing, fast to implement and inexpensive. The colour connection GmbH was founded in 1994. The family-owned company has currently 19 employees in Frankfurt am Main. In October 2007, started to convert all products and processes in the company on best environmental performance.

Since February 2008 the colour connection GmbH is also FSC certified. More than 85% of the printed papers enjoy this certification. The company offers flexible solutions for the graphic industry, in particular for small and medium advertising agencies and printing houses. Although most modern technology is used, the customers speak always with “real” people who listen to and find individual product solutions with them. Contact: Colour connection GmbH Hanauer Landstrasse 523 Ralph Hadem 60386 Frankfurt am Main 069-9443730