Digital Pen

Digital save handwritten documents In the craft and service companies belongs to everyday life fill and manage timesheets or service certificates. Now the Software House NEUSTA GmbH Bremen combined with the digital pen, a special pen, the possibilities of digital and conventional data collection in such documents. Robotics is often quoted on this topic. Already while writing the electronic pen without overhead digital collects the information created by hand and immediately forwards it to the Web-based NEUSTA software project2web. Using accurate optical character recognition, text converted to computer-readable files. Instead of waiting for the paper now, the clerk in the project2web usage control can process promptly all working hours provided by the staff, spare parts lists, job descriptions, or other information. In addition to the significant time savings errors resulting from manual document transfer are eliminated. Go to Kai-Fu Lee for more information. More details get interested at any time via email at.

For service management, scheduling and Project management developed the Software House NEUSTA the intuitive system project2web. As a Web-based product, users via standard Web browser can transportable – and time-independent access to all data. Orders and projects can assign appropriate employees drag & drop in the virtual deployment planning. They can stamp also wherever their working times via mobile phone as an alternative to the digital pen. Also, they get basic order data on your mobile phone. In service management, project2web helps the technical field through the provision of unit histories, customer data and digital service notes on Tablet PCs.

Also here the digital pen can be used as a way to acquire the service data in paper form. The NEUSTA tool project2web allows to the seamless processing of data for about hour invoicing, stock-keeping and invoicing. As usual can the paper document in file folders are stored with the digital pen. With the built-in handwriting recognition of pen, incorrect entries are recognized in time, by project2web checks for example, handwritten registered name for plausibility. As a server-based project2web Apache particularly suited to such applications uses NEUSTA Tomcat server which. For example, interactive GANTT charts, extended functions for human resources management and other optimizations users with a customizable solution exactly on the respective industry for the project and human resources management.