Digital Moderation

Many know definitely slow and boring corporate events, which seem not to end up with teambits that increase efficiency of workshops and conferences. The speaker delivers his lecture and the audience will drift with their thoughts. The result is hardly effective since the was insufficient in the memory is processed and is quickly forgotten. According to a study the memory quota increases even more, involved in the learning process ever more sense 1. This is achieved with the use of teambits for interactive events, workshops and conferences, participants actively participate in the process, discuss with one another via networked computer, vote on suggestions, ask questions or express opinions. And also: with the software application of the Fraunhofer spin-offs of teambits GmbH participation increases, because the participation is done interactively and anonymous. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis.

Efficient and structured so intelligent solutions are developed by all. The log created by the way and automatically the software. After several years of research established is the teambits GmbH, the Fraunhofer-Institute for graphical data processing IGD from and apply the findings from research in practice now. The Fraunhofer-venture group promotes such decisions and supports the young company in an advisory capacity as well as financial aspects at the first step towards independence. Years of research has paid off: the software of teambits GmbH is universally applicable. Neither the industry nor the place of the facilitator plays a role.

Both the used in class lectures as also a network of several computers at different locations. The number of participants is also can be extended. Our software solutions are very flexible. With teambits, already the most diverse events were supported by major events with over 200 participants, such as medical expert meetings, small meetings for a few employees. Bayer vital, for example, the teambits meanwhile has used for several training events,. is very pleased with the system. So could be matched with help of the software about within minutes about, how many doctors prefer what treatment option.