Digital Libraries For Equipment

Currently, many companies set all the more complicated and expensive equipment. In this connection, imposes more stringent requirements for staff who will work with this equipment and maintain it. To achieve a high level of knowledge necessary to carry out regular training of personnel using the latest technologies in this field. Modern technologies allow to study the internal structure sophisticated equipment, the principles of its work, the installation and maintenance. One of the activities of our company is to develop a digital library of equipment. At the moment, we have created Multimedia Training System in the Library of hydraulic components, which is an electronic library of hydraulic equipment. The library includes several sections: "The design of equipment, "Principles of work equipment", "Order of installation and assembly / disassembly equipment" Construction equipment Construction equipment is given in the form of three-dimensional models, equipped with a description of each individual item, its technical characteristics, the symbol of the drawings and diagrams.

In the development of three-dimensional models we use drawings, diagrams, photos, allowing you to create high-quality models, as close to reality. The principles of operation of the equipment to demonstrate the principles of the presented equipment used animations developed on the basis of three-dimensional models. In animations semitirovany as the principles of the equipment and processes occurring inside these objects. Each animation is accompanied by a textual description of the processes. Mounting and assembly / disassembly equipment With this unit you can explore the order and the principles of the work on installing the equipment under consideration and the order of assembly / disassembly equipment repairs. Animations allow you to visualize the processes of installation and repair of complex equipment. Introduced technology for developing electronic library allows you to create training system for equipment of any complexity, for different applications. Digital libraries include all the necessary theoretical material, and allow to acquire knowledge in construction, working principles and submission service equipment. E-learning library of equipment and how it works to make the process of studying complex equipment simple, clear and interesting.