Digital Language

The proper characteristic of the way is mobility and the constant flow that also starts to be characteristic of this public. It is important that the companies have in mind that more than what to define the strategies and the planning, election of the ways, target, covering are basic to define ' ' como' ' to propagate the message, in efficient way, inside of this new digital language, where to only inform repetidamente, it does not fulfill more the paper of the communication. At the current moment of the society, she will be necessary to reinventar the form constantly to communicate. She is not enough more to arrive until the public, is necessary to create interaction, to awake interest and what some companies already have obtained, that is to generate feedback of the divulged content, to stir up to commentaries, reactions, to work with strategies that make possible the personalization of the content and the segmentation of the users, actions that can bring a more valuable return for the companies of what only limiting themselves? to reach? the public-target as if came thinking until then. In a generalized manner, a careful look will be necessary and each more holistic time for this new position of the public, to run away from the search of an ideal definition of as to communicate, is necessary to be intent to follow the changes, without wanting to institute standards, or creating success formulas, therefore in a so capricious way, as the digital way, the way is to work with the comment, the innovation and creativity to reach better resulted. Therefore the quarrel on ' ' communities virtuais' ' the interaction of the public in these spaces, must be one of the priorities of the professionals of diverse areas of the marketing, a time that, the influence and repercussion that the contents divulged in the social ways has on the relation of the consumers with the mark, on the perception of the products and services, influencing decisions and creating an impact on the image of the mark in these communities. These movements must be monitored and be observed carefully by the managers of the canals of communication, so that it is possible to ahead establish a communication next and efficient of this new ' ' personality digital' '.