Digital Invoice

In many countries primermundistas is already established electronic invoicing for years and Mexico already added to them from the first day of this year, now, all those taxpayers who reported incomes equal or greater than 4 million pesos in its Declaration of 2009 have moved to the digital system by compulsory. Republic Services contains valuable tech resources. It is proven electronic invoicing brings big benefits to companies who use it, because it makes them much more productive and have big savings, the problem in Mexico is that although it is already established in the law that certain taxpayers have to change to this system the above – 4% of all they have done only. Electronic invoicing has become the best alloy enterprises that boast, since purchasing this system only costs 580 pesos and presents savings in lifetime. Although the above-mentioned contributors are required to move to this billing system, any person can do it, just is a matter of buying the software. If still don’t trust that electronic invoicing I invite you investigate more on it and I assure you that you will not find information that speaks bad about this system, since it was proven that their results are excellent.