Digital Energy Sales

EVU counter and REDTREE agree on strategic alliance of Bochum/Castrop-rauxel. The evu meter billing and service Gesellschaft mbH in Bochum and the REDTREE GmbH, Castrop-rauxel have today agreed a wide-ranging cooperation together to billing to provide a turn-key, digital sales from the acquisition of utilities and energy providers. Nowadays, more and more energy provider set on the digital channel to the acquisition of special contract customers on the Internet. However, the introduction and commissioning associated usually with long project durations and high costs. It is to establish a variety of new processes and to include a wide variety of departments from sales to billing in the project.

Due to lack experience and only a few solution providers on the market, project requirements and costs are often difficult to calculate. The cooperation should now close the gap in the market between the evu counter and REDTREE. “The joint offering of digital energy sales” offers a turnkey solution from customer acquisition to the Settlement. We supply everything from the planning of the necessary processes up to the year final, all requirements for digital distribution use can. “, so Otto Glunz, Managing Director of the evu counter.

Digital sales have already implemented numerous projects in the field successfully the two providers. REDTREE delivers this loop with their software the turnkey E-shop with extensive functions in the area of acquisition, data enrichment and reporting and evu counter provides all necessary processes up to the settlement. We have successfully accompanied more than 25 launches and have proven and successful solutions for all requirements. Our customers provide gas and electricity, we do the rest,”added Sebastian member of the Executive Board of REDTREE Schipper,. By the present agreement, we extend our strategic cooperation and achieve sustainable benefits through the improvement and joint strengthening of our product offerings for our customers. We offer energy suppliers Thus, a solution that is affordable, works and solves all the problems in one fell swoop: the turnkey digital distribution. “, so Otto Glunz. Evu counter of the evu meter billing and service society mbH the whole package of services from a single source offers. From the reading of meters on the invoicing to a professional Receivables Management (incl. collection permit) and reporting. The company sees itself in addition to his role as billing and service providers especially also as a service provider of market communications in the energy industry. The focus is on the implementation of and compliance with the required data exchange processes within the meaning of the message – and GeLi gas requirements. About REDTREE REDTREE, a digital advertising agency and the developer is loop. The company from Castrop-rauxel offers all services required for digital distribution from brand development and the realization of complex Web pages energy suppliers to the design and implementation of campaigns. The software loop was specially designed for the Usage in the energy distribution develops and is one of the leading and most powerful solutions on the market. Already today, more than 25 utilities set to loop.