Digital Care Planning

Heidekreis-Klinikum puts apenio structured care process scheduling and benefits from deeper integration in the hospital information system which became Heidekreis-Klinikum founded in 1997 through the merger of the two district hospitals of Soltau and Walsrode. The House of primary and secondary care has 450 beds and inpatients treated 20,000 patients per year. BAULOGIS was paper based as initial for digitization of care although already digital information systems are used in many areas of the hospital, the nursing documentation provided. That has evolved over the years of the application continuously as needed and was established by the nursing staff. Then was the introduction of the maintenance complex action scores (BAULOGIS) which reflects the overhead for the highly complex care of patients in the hospital on normal stations, we had doubts, effectively to be able to afford the overhead of documentation with the paper version. Against this background, then, we have for the purchase of a digital care process planning and documentation decided.

From which we have promised us, that she automatically makes the BAULOGIS determination on the basis of the performed nursing interventions”, explains Jorn Sandtvos, who is responsible as the project manager for the system launch in the Heidekreis-Klinikum. A selection process in the strict sense or even an invitation to tender were not necessary. Part of the invitation to tender for the hospital information system (his) in 2006, an integrated system for the care was already. The KIS of choice, fd-klinika Fliegel data, today systema, offered to the program apenio of Bremen IT service provider and care specialist atacama Software. Especially the deep integration with the leading system was important for us. We wanted no isolated solution with superficial involvement for the care, but a consistent overall system. “After systema apenio introduced to us has, we have worked intensively with the solution and the introduction of”, so Sandtvos.