Digital Businesses

A Digitalapunta Business to niches distinguishing clients without mattering of which class is, where they live or the great thing that is. What matters is that their members are in the same wave: they have the same values and attitudes. The ideal is to dominate a certain niche, to cover all the specific market at world-wide level. As it is already well-known, he is better to be a great fish in a pool that one very small one in the great Ocean. The idea is that if focuses, all their energy is concentrated and dedicated to create and soon to operate a niche of extremely narrow market, can make much money. The niche can be formed by architects of 30 to 45 years that are bald and with glasses.

Or by engineers become fond of to parchs. If it is able to catch these clients generally, will obtain great economic benefits. It is easier to say than to do. It is necessary to guess right. It is precise to contribute the supply exactly to a niche clearly identified and to do it repeatedly. In Spain it will not have more than 80, in Argentina they do not surpass the 90 and in 300 Mexico are but as we conquered country after country, the business it makes lucrative more and more. In 2006, Chris Anderson published the economy Long Tail (and since then the term has not stopped hearing itself in means worldwide, everything changed) to describe as small segments are added until creating a multimillionaire business.

It is precise to choose. Personalice its supply and, then, hgalo still more. In a world in fragmentation, the niches are more and more small and thanks to the digital economy (Internet) they are divided in thousands, and not within long time in million of them. The popularisation and democratization of the Network at global level, with Google at the top, have caused that people moves of the real world (than we know) to a new world, the Digitalis (what we do not know) and have caused that the election possibilities have practically been limitless with respect to for some years.