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Munich start-up optimized efficiency national as internationally successful industry leaders HoneyTracks, a company founded in 2011 in Munich with its analytical software solutions big data analysis in real time. The product portfolio delivers in-depth analysis for the optimization of free-to-play online-games, independent of the selected platform such as mobile, Tablet, PC or console. The future belongs to internationally experienced game developers and video such as Bigpoint, InnoGames, or Deutsche Telekom AG micropayment doomed the wide range of customer includes the HoneyTracks GmbH. that is subscription payment model consecrated. Since we in addition the software solutions of HoneyTracks use, we can exploit the full potential of this and continues to successfully expand our market position”, as Hendrik Klindworth, Managing Director of InnoGames GmbH. According to a joint study of the BIU and alone in this country of 14 million German browser and online games play the GRP by 2013.

Currently we are experiencing a new Boom in the area of mobile gaming, the game title follow the many casual players on the Smartphone. And world of billion market social gaming continues to be a rising turnover. In these segments, the development of free-to-play to the dominant business model is progressing steadily. It is accordingly important for developers and publishers of digital games industry by social-games, browser games or client-based MMOs mobile games, knowing their product as well as the respective target group, to effectively plan and act especially in terms of monetization. While sales of subscriptions for quite some time, the market shifted increasingly on selling virtual goods? Even traditional publishers such as electronic arts and Nintendo E3 in Los Angeles announced on the games at this year’s fair, continue to align.