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In summary, define the objectives requires us to work more orderly and professional manner, gives us guidelines to follow and prepares the way for a productivity-focused design, with this, we always know and do. 5. Be organized: Again this has to do with the objective of your website is functional and designed primarily for users, but beyond that applies also to the care that must be kept at the time of devising the very structuring of the page web, in other words, me for example, always do a preliminary sketch of all parties to form the page, structure and layout gerargica. A summary table or concept map will be helpful, I see as my fellow web development department always used to sort the entire contents of the page. This is very important because we will not go so improvising as we go live, but what we want, resulting in a more professional and fast work. One last thing: Put everything where you can see. 6. Samsung may not feel the same.

Learn the basics of sailing: “People hate to wait b-People hate to scroll c-d People hate reading “People prefer to scroll than to wait and” People prefer to wait to read. c-The people are not necessarily rational or consistent, but sometimes yes. 7. Search references: Easy, get a few pages as mostertemplates. 4templates com. com and search for, find and locate, then copy and then make your own designs, I have done and always is. You learn a lot by seeing but more doing, so you do not run in just looking at the referrals. 8.

Choose the subject matter very well: In this there is much to say. . . is not the same a website for a fashion aesthetic to a website for a buffet of lawyers, and are worth the same colors as a website to a pet store to a wedding photographer. 9. Define the width of the page: A basic step would be to recommend 640 x 480 pixels for screens 13 to 15 inches, and that this resolution will ensure your page will look in all the current screens, however, for convenience and with the advent of high-resolution LCD monitors are usually have a measure of 800 x 600 pixels, which has become the standard. 10. The use of tables and css: If you are someone who is starting I recommend that lay out your web pages using tables, because it’s easier if you are more expert, css perfeccionate language. This is me, David A. C: I love to teach and learn what others can teach me, I love art, design and everything related to the internet. Visit me at and learn more about.