Ethics the Nicmaco., VIII, 3, 1156 b, 30-35). From this definition of – the emphasis in Real to feel, where we can stand out the presence of feelings and values that give meant to the presence of the friendship in the life of that they surround in them, and not only to the use of the expression ' ' mine amigo' ' to direct it people with which no personal bond is not had or that badly she knows (the trivializao of the concept) and without feeling some. Opposing such theories of the significao of the human relationship and the friendship, she is born the individualism and isolation before the technological society as previously mentioned. Possible ' ' antdoto' ' for these males modern is exactly the friends and the company according to aristotelian theories, when the value of the friendship standes out as important virtue and for the life of the people, being this the central idea of Book VIII of Ethics the Nicmaco. We live at a moment where the world of ciberespao seems showing in them that it is possible to live in isolation. The people are if relating in virtual communities from the sprouting of the new technologies of communication. The synthetic society, thought, the love through the cybernetics.

(Grifo ours). The relationships are declining since that the new technologies are part of daily ' ' humano' '. But, in accordance with Aristotle, the technological prosperity does not supply and nor substitutes the gap of the relations human beings in its deeper direction: (…) in fact, of that he would serve as much prosperity without the chance to make the good, if this if manifest, over all and in its more praiseworthy relation with the friends? Or then, as if he can keep and safeguard the prosperity without friends? How much bigger it will be, more danger will run.