Curtains or Blinds?

The question of "What to hang at the windows?" Does not arise only in one case: when it comes to office space. Here stolis aluminum blinds – ideal. They are sheltering from the sun and decorate windows. They do not need to wash, they are almost collect dust. However, the home too often buy blinds. It is not always just on the above reasons.

Blinds look great in a sleek interior: wardrobe, coffee table, a chair, a minimum of textiles. Bamboo or wood blinds (LINDMON, Bamboo) are suitable for rooms with a stylized design, complementing the mats, wicker chairs, furniture made of untreated solid wood. They are also often hang in the kitchen, because they do not absorb odors. And a fine day on the dining table running thin rays of sunlight penetrating through the plate. Often blinds used as a hanging screen.

They can hang it over the computer desk, if he stands in front of the window to sunlight is hitting the monitor. In this case, the blinds do not obscure the very room from the fluorescent light, but only obscure the workplace. Fabric blinds (Alvin, Melina) look great in a small bedroom, they are not visually eating space, and protect the room from direct sunlight. These blinds should not be confused with the blinds. The curtains rolled on a steel rail, and blind fold like an accordion. They just simply hang as conventional curtains: no need to collect it from individual parts – everything is ready. Blinds can be combined with conventional curtains. It may seem that this construction will overload the box. Not at all. To hide the room from direct rays of the sun, we often have to close the window curtains completely, leaving the room light. Blinds sufficiently lowered from above the middle of the window to the sun shone in his eyes, but still lit up the room. Fabric blinds look great with all kinds of thick curtains. Bamboo and wooden blinds are well complemented by beige cotton curtains (Ritva, BOMUL), curtains, warm tones. Aluminum blinds effectively look for a semi- lace tulle and curtains cool tones. Try it and you will see that blinds – it's the perfect non-standard interior decoration, which is easy to experiment.