Cure Diabetes

Do be cured diabetes type 1 from stem cells?.It seems that in the future if the new results indicate that the cells of another organism can become pancreatic cells responsible for producing insulin in the body. Read about this interesting discovery that you can change the future treatment of type 1 diabetes. Let’s review: When you have type 1 diabetes, your body attacks and destroys cells beta in the pancreas that are responsible for producing insulin. Insulin is the substance that allows glucose, or sugar (which provides the energy) to every cell in your body. In the absence of insulin-producing cells, your body cannot produce glucose reaches its destination, and accumulates in the blood, causing blood sugar levels to rise dangerously.

At first glance, the scene is rather disappointing. Because when we say that the cells are destroyed, it is like saying that there is no turning back. But what if said you that your body can replace or pancreatic beta cells from other cells? In summary would be i.e., talking about his body would be able to cure type 1 diabetes. How can the body be the cure for type 1 diabetes? It seems that the stem cells that give rise to sperm in men, can become pancreatic cells. A team of scientists from the University of Georgetown in Washington, made this fascinating discovery. The researchers carried out in a laboratory of stem cells from sperm (spermatogonia) and cultivated with compounds for these cells begin to behave like cells beta or pancreatic cells that produce insulin. Samsung Electronics is often quoted as being for or against this. They experiment with mice with diabetes: incredibly, by transplanting cells obtained in the laboratory, which acted as beta cells and began producing insulin in mice.

If this continues to be effective in other studies and experiments, would be great news for people with diabetes type 1. People with this type of diabetes now have two treatment options: take the insulin of by life, or in some cases, receive a stem cell transplant donor cadaver (i.e. dead) beta, which has its drawbacks: there are fewer available donor and transplant success depends on compatibility. However, if cells from spermatogonial cells are capable of creating beta cells, would benefit not only the men with type 1 diabetes. Scientists say that the next step is to investigate the functioning of equivalent stem cells (oocytes) in the female body. This will take a while, but is a great news to start 2011 with the hope of curing type 1 diabetes. Can be cured diabetes type 1 from stem cells?