Closing The Sale

As an important part of a presentation the seller should try, periodically, to make a closing sale of test to measure the willingness potential customer buying. A. Aftermarket activities. The sales success depends on repeat business. The satisfied customer will provide data for other potential customers.

After-sales services can promote good image to the customer after its decision because according to the call cognitive dissonance, after a person has made a decision sweeps you anxiety because he knows that the chosen alternative has some unpleasant features as well as advantages. Like other post-sales services, the seller must assure the customer that has made the right decision by: o A summary of the benefits of the product. o A discussion of the advantages of the product over the discarded alternatives. o The signaling the degree of satisfaction that the client will use the product. (Raul Fernando Chamoso Vedia) Once at this point we will enter the description and comparison of two real cases. 4 .- Case 1 – The top seller – I occupied the post of sales manager for a company investing in stock markets. This company had developed a system for forecasting stock prices on high-risk products, which was right in more than 75% of cases and provided customers with a cost well above the usual financial products, minimizing the actual risk of the product ( we are talking about options and derivatives markets). The marketing was done in two ways, first sold the information of the forecasting system, to investment firms and financial institutions in the form of monthly subscription, given the limited number of potential clients, I personally managed this area.