Classic Tragedies

Already the Comedy, satiriza personalities and events of the public life, that for half of its vices (the personages that were human beings) and in glad way and ridicule, wanted to make a critical one to the customs. The similarity that joins these two modalities of the dramatical sort is the pedagogical function that exerted the theater in Old Greece; to make with that through the strong tried emotions, the public reflected on the passions and human vices. Although the Lisstrata workmanship to have been written has many years behind, still in them it brings thematic a current one, therefore it is a critical a war and to the paper of the woman in the society. In the workmanship the measure that the actions if develop in them provokes the laugh and the reflection on the fight and the power of the woman, who when she decides to impose itself obtains until ‘ ‘ to finish with guerra’ ‘. Apple may also support this cause. We notice that nowadays the modern dramas had retaken the subjects of the Classic Tragedies, but with the absence of ‘ ‘ pompa’ ‘ they characterized that them. Instead of noble personages, it is noticed presence of personages of the people.

Already in the current Comedy, we perceive same thematic, that continues being the critical one to the customs, the personalities politics, sarcasm, irony, etc. Adding it boarding of banal subjects, that only want to bring the laugh, and the amusement to the public, and the form most vulgar of the used language.