China Spain

From 2011 the aim will be to establish definitively the bullfighting season by sixteen runs each, between the months of May, June, July and August, and during a number of years “to build a hobby that always has shown interest in ‘Party’, as evidenced by the monitoring make it through the media, especially television “, he added the bullfighter. Regarding the development of what will be the spectacle of bullfighting, bullfighting will be” identical in Spain “, ie with one third of sticks, flags and luck to kill, fleeing the Portuguese style of bullfighting, where there is no punishment for the animal, and in that sense also the bloodless Las Vegas, which have raised so much controversy. “It is certainly a very nice idea and very interesting. I think we do a great job because when the Chinese government has shown a great interest, but also want to make it as perfect as possible, as close and faithful to Spain, bullfighting respect in all its essence, “he said Sanchez. “China wants to respect the bullfights in all its essence” The only difference to the bullfights in Spain is that instead of killing six bulls per run with a trio of murderers, the initial planning will be head to head between two bullfighters, Rapier only four bulls. This initiative to give bulls in China is not the first time they performed, since in 2004 there were two run in Shanghai, the first in the history of that country in each of the three bulls which have dealt , complementing each day with a flamenco show.

The organizer of those celebrations was a bullfighter and Spanish businessman Gabriel House, which led a team of 27 professionals among bullfighters, banderilleros, choppers, swords and even waiters monosyllable. In both right-handers performed celebrations Jose Ignacio Ramos, Guillermo Alban and Ivan Garcia, who wrestled bulls Mexican “La Soledad”. Since then, no more bulls in the country east, although two years ago there was a new attempt by the Spanish bullfighting Enrique Martin Arranz, which, however, did not bear fruit by bureaucratic problems and the extreme demands of Health and the Chinese administration.