We – a generation of progress, and used all make no unnecessary movements. Bluetooth (which translates as – “Blue tooth”) invented to connect your computer and cell phone in order to immediately receive an e-mail directly to the display of the mobile, but now with this technology combine all that can be connected: cell phones, laptops, digital cameras and even refrigerators! Benefit more than many, but about saving time and explain it is not worth it. Fashion trends 5. High degree of computer CULTURE. If these advantages you do not have any, then quickly master the wi-fi and get your pen-drive.

The first thing you need to wirelessly connect to the Internet. Whether it’s coffee shop, an airplane or even a gas station. A pen-drive can safely be used in place of fragile floppy disks, the device easy to use, a little more than pens and replaced by 120 to 500 floppy disks. Fashion 6. SEE RUSSIAN CINEMA. Russian film in high esteem and is very popular among foreigners.

A striking example – “The Return” by Andrei Zvyagintsev, who won the main prize at the prestigious film festival in Venice. We began to take more seriously, paintings, is gaining momentum Russian art-house, but movies about the mafia and cool uncles less interesting. Modern films and full of meaning, and good actors. Therefore, Russian school of cinema remains one of the best. Fashion 7. DO NOT CHANGE. All self-respecting girls who build long-term plans, will not waste your time on trifles. Better remain impregnable, and then respect for you grow instantly. Do not be an easy prey, and then the long-term relationship will be the only way you win. Fashion 8. COLLECT ANTIQUES. If you want to Your house was a reflection of your personality – there’s nothing better than the old dear gizmos and design details. Rummage in the attic and my grandmother’s tables – they just find something amazing! Your interior will be completely exclusive, and the guests come in amazement when he saw the tablecloth, hand embroidered with flowers. Fashion 9. RESPIRATORY GYMNASTICS. Want to stay healthy, cheerful spirit and a sober mind – learn to breathe correctly. A new phenomenon and fashion, so finding a center with such courses is not a problem. But about the stress and headaches you will easily forget! Fashion 10. DANCE. Incendiary and rhythmic dancing – that’s what is so lacking in our everyday life. Join a dance club, and after a boring day at the office, you will find yourself in a world full of music and positive. Whether it’s lambada, tango, tap dance or belly dancing. The figure will change, there will be more energy, and mood will be on top! SOURCE: 10 hot trends in fashion (photo from the magazine – the source).