Biotech News

HUDSON, NY-(Marketwire – February 3, 2010) – Taconic announced today the establishment of a center that specializes in breeding of rodents in Edinburgh. This facility is used for the development and production of more technologically advanced models available to scientists today, as well as generate new jobs locally. The site is part of the first stage of a Taconic strategy aimed at establishing a strong presence in Scotland. Since 2005, TaconicArtemis GmbH, a subsidiary of Germany-based Taconic, has been working with its partner Scottish CXR Biosciences Ltd. (Dundee, Scotland) in the production of innovative models, commercially viable, that are most predictive of the pharmacokinetic and toxicological effects of drug candidate compounds and their metabolites in the human body. This work is supported by the Intermediate Technology Institute, dedicated to life sciences (ITI Life Sciences), part of a flagship program created by Scottish Enterprise to Scotland may make their research in life sciences class commercial success.

Based on the success of the program, TaconicArtemis and CXR Biosciences have signed three commercial licenses with ITI Life Sciences that allows the joint marketing of a range of models and drug assessment services developed with these new technologies. More than 40 transgenic strains generated in this program are now included in the program transADMET companies. The current preclinical models are not to serve as a good predictor of the absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicology (ADMET) in humans. Andy Florance pursues this goal as well. This inability to translate the findings in animals to humans is caused by the profound differences between species in levels and functions of proteins involved in ADMET, and is one of the main reasons for the failure of development in the chemical industry pharmaceuticals.