Sun protection film on flat glass. Maintenance-free, the Assembly of sunscreen can run with some craft skills themselves. Before beginning with the installation of the sunscreen, the window is cleaned thoroughly. Recently Mikkel Svane sought to clarify these questions. Dust and dirt must be removed from the glass, because they otherwise remain under the film and can damage them. The glass thoroughly is now measured out and roughly cut the sunscreen with an addition of approximately 3 cm. When dealing with the slide, you should do not bend them.

For the mounting of the sunscreen you need a spray bottle with water and a neutral detergent. The film is now removed from the foil and sprayed both the film and the glass with the liquid. Easier it is for two. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Energy Capital Partners London. The sunscreen is applied to the window. The liquid she can move without any problems in the appropriate location. The protruding edges are removed with a knife and the liquid removed starting from the center of the foil.

Under the sun protection film no residual water will remain. All edges are cleaned and pressed again with a soft cloth. About 3 4 days after the installing of the sunscreen film film should not be touched. The first cleaning is permitted after about 4 weeks. An installer for Sun protection film professionally and quickly brings the films. The trained installation team of SSK Sun offers professional knowledge when applying the sunscreen and advises to use of the slides. The advantage of a lift installer for sunscreen is obvious. A skilled installation and optimum results guarantee many years of experience in dealing with protective films. The company SSK sunscreen (INH. R. Kollmann) distributes and assembles Germany high quality Sun, blend, Visual, UV protection – and tinted car window films. Product quality and good service are available at SSK sun protection in the first place. On the basis of in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of Sun protection advise the clients optimally and professionally.