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E is a personal pleasure, to be able to comment, that the category that more grew in accesses in the workstations and in residences in the month of February of 2010 according to IBOPE were of ' ' Educao and Carreiras' ' , this by itself already is reason for commemorations. The simple fact of the participant pupil to be heard, demonstrating to it to attention and concern with its educational and social future, could be evidenced a considerable improvement in the communication between pupil professor, a more pleasant and healthful convivncia between the proper pupils, and this automatically increased auto-esteem, before exactly to be definite the corrective and preventive actions to be applied. Valley to stand out that some focos of resistance had also existed, but in small I number, therefore the positivismo and comprometimento of the excessively involved ones had been soon infected by. The participants had been able to prove that with technological and computational resources the use of the information can be created and be manipulated, and to show as, the society where we live if she comes across with the happened transformations of the advance of the technologies of information and communication. All we, wanting or not, are part of this technological society, and the beddings for this new industrial and technological politics are: the innovation and active participation in the globalization process. The Digital Inclusion can be considered as a facilitador process in the development and aid of the promotion of the education, social insertion and development of local economies. Considering the percentage gotten for the interview with the pupils that has access to the Technologies of Information and Communication, we see that the great majority does not make a rational and beneficial use of that the disposal is placed them. In this way, one becomes necessary to create strategies that propitiate the access of more interesting and pleasant form, that is, to enclose and to promote the qualification in accordance with the necessities of the individual for the use of these technologies.

As one of the strategies that can come to contribute of significant form for the amenizao of this picture, it is identified education as the main element in the formation of a society based on the information, the knowledge and the learning. The access to the technologies of the information and communication is related with the basic rights of freedom and expression. It is for this reason that if becomes necessary that the intelligent access to this new was educational if they become contribuitivas tools social, economic, cultural and intellectual the development. It means that the individual has the capacity to discern as and when to use it. Wilson Giuli de Almeida Administrator