Acoustics And Technology

Acoustics (Science) (from the Greek akouein, hear), term used sometimes for science which deals with the sound as a whole. Usually it is often used to refer to architectural acoustics, the Special Branch of science which deals with the construction of enclosed areas, in a way achieved a good hearing the words or music. The sound is any variation of the pressure in the air that can be detected by the human ear. The number of variations of pressure per second is called the frequency of the sound, and is measured in Hertz (Hz). Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. Each frequency of a sound produces a different tone. It is said that a tone is serious when your frequency is low (approximately less than 250 Hz), and that his tone is sharp when its frequency is above 2,000 Hz. Frequencies between both are called middle frequencies.

The acoustics can be an important element in some buildings or certain spaces within a building; There are often problems of noise and vibrations, especially in many areas of engineering. Without However, in this direction, to solve all the problems of noise especially in construction, heavy industry, in industry and in other fields, there is now a wide range of acoustic door in trade. Acoustic door is designed to reduce the intensity of the sounds that they become very annoying. Acoustic doors can be manufactured by adapting to any aesthetic and decorative requirements. This type of gate can be metal or wood, depending on the place of application.

The acoustics can be an important element in some buildings or certain spaces within a building. In addition, there are acoustic barriers that are designed to adapt to any given need their modular nature, which also allows a quick installation. The noise barriers and acoustic screens, as for example an acoustic door, are the ideal solution to dampen noise of air conditioning or equipment machinery in open field, for its low cost and good efficiency.