About User Safety Shoes

Important shoes for security also comfort in modern work shoes often no longer striking the carrier, that it is about one such is. This is because that the upper materials such as leather or textile fabrics are considerably high quality. The cuts of the shoes is geared for good appearance, ergonomics and high functionality. Also, techniques come in today’s security shoes found in expensive trekking shoes, used. Nothing out of the ordinary is the use of various GoreTex more membranes, rather they have been adjusted accordingly.

An example of this is the Crosstech membrane used in Haix safety boots in the emergency medical services and for police and military. It prevents the ingress of body fluids and blood and offers an increased chemical protection. Comfort on very high breathability for working in very warm environments supported for Gore-Tex performance comfort on a high breathability and water resistance in the work shoes, with extended. To protection to guarantee, for example to the floor nails, there was only the opportunity to incorporate a steel midsole until a few years ago when the class S3 safety boots. Today there are modern fibers such as Kevlar, which can provide even greater protection, are considerably lighter and more flexible and better insulated against the cold. It has exactly the same at the toe cap.

Was the only way to achieve, to employ a steel Cap, the strict requirements for safety shoes you can rely today on plastic caps or toe cap made of aluminium. The new caps in the today’s safety shoes have the advantage that she not so fast forwards the cold on the feet such as steel toe caps. A milestone was the introduction of the GEOX technology for work shoes. Recently, there are the shoes not only in the security class S1 and S2, where there is no protection, technology impeding the effectiveness of GEOX. 2011 Diadora utility performs this technique at S1P and S3 Safety shoes a what can work through an ingenious air chamber system. The usage of the GEOX technology prevents perspiration in the inside of the safety shoe by air through the membrane is pumped through running to the outside. The foot remains dry, it caused fewer bacteria that athlete’s foot and smell can emerge. The comfort is much higher, as well as the concentration of the wearer.