A Simple Way To Save Up To 50% On The Costs Of Office Equipment

Analogues of cartridges – replacements of original cartridges for office equipment. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Douglas R. Oberhelman and gain more knowledge.. Under the original cartridges it is important to understand these cartridges, which issued the company – manufacturer of printing equipment. Group cartridges for printers: the original, compatible (analogues cartridges), and forgery. It is clear that the latter group – a kontrofaktny product does not meet is not what consumer qualities. And you can not buy it in no case. However, what product to prefer one of the first two groups? This I will explain how in this article. We begin with a review of the original cartridges. This type of cartridge is created specifically for a particular printer model, thereby He prekrastno suited to the printer for which it was created.

Likewise, the original ink cartridges are high-quality product that causes work together with the printer. However, the original cartridges is one Boba minus – it's their money. The price of original cartridges overstated by 2 times, and sometimes 3-4 times! This is due to the fact that the company – manufacturer of printing equipment gets far more revenue from the sale of consumables, than on Sales of office equipment directly. Therefore, these companies deliberately understate (and sometimes sell at a loss) print technology, in order to get a huge income from the sale of supplies to them. Therefore, in order to save many People and companies use compatible ink cartridges for printers to replace it, which was caused by the huge savings on their part.

Compatible cartridges – cartridges are made by external company for print technology known manufacturers (HP, Canon, Samsung) Compatible cartridges – absolute analogues of original cartridges, they differ from them only price. Compatible cartridges are 100% suited to the claimed printing devices are high-quality and inexpensive products, which leads to audience interest to them. For example, q2612a compatible toner cartridge can be bought for 1,400 rubles, the price of the original cartridge, comes to 2800 rubles. In order to saving non-original cartridge and transfer to compatible cartridges – the right choice, current need to choose compatible ink cartridges are proven company that they were high quality and inexpensive, as the company Deltor.