In February the new customer and user magazine of the WEDA is published Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH in Lutten. (Neben dem Titel scrofa+”(lateinisch: mutter aller Schweine)”) of the subtitles can be what you wanted to know about pigs “suggests that the publication of the complete provider for modern pig farming to industry insider is aimed. The + “in the name of the newspaper that is completely produced in the home of WEDA, stands for well-researched, informative article from first-hand and experienced spring.” Keep 10,000 subscribers are the sheet in the future three times per year in the compact Berliner format”in the hands. Exciting categories such as technology, news, international, culinary and updates guide the reader through the customer magazine. The first scrofa + “issue devoted in their part of the country the emerging market of Brazil. Under the heading currently you useful tips and information holds, which conditions for pig farmers new animal welfare livestock farming regulation 2013 will bring with it. The article deepens what will change for the pig farmers, especially in the area of the sows, through the implementation of the new laws specifically in their everyday lives. The complex regulation WEDA has also made easy an overview brochure titled clause jungle”, which can be ordered at. Click Robert Bakish to learn more. Those interested in the print edition can with an E-Mail to at the Distributor the scrofa + “set.” Who wants to make a picture of the new issue to advance can browse comfortably in the newspaper under in the E-paper format.