Web Hosting

After finishing the process design and layout of a web page, it always accuses us looking for a company that serves us to host our project to the cloud, to publicize our public purpose around the world that want to communicate, sell or service to provide, but this is only one door that open Satisfechos and anxious hope someone to visit usopine, critique, we buy or ask for a solution to a problem which occasionally may fret, but that we are going to try to resolve, with the passing of the days and to keep an eye on our computer, we noticed that nobody visits us, then we wonder what did we do wrong?, page this correctly lodged in the server, opens and loads efficiently each of our links. Through my experience with hosting, in these ups and downs of host information on the web I decided to offer a set of guidelines that would help that these projects after being in the cloud, are not left in the air as something anecdotal dream of being agent changing and proactive in the globalized world to become one tool of evolution and achievement of knowledge through its website. Strategy to follow: web usability: the law of five seconds, this relentless punishment that give us our users enter to page and abandon it in this time frame is generated by that can’t find the proper information, we must always have relevant and concise information of the service that we offer at the top left of our page, as to find it immediately we would avoid the rebound and increase their interest and their desire to investigate more in our website, why should go information in this place especially?, this is due to the Western Convention of method of read-write that part from the left to the right and by logic starts at the top (also known as mental model). This and other guidelines such as the logo, typography, scroll, the achura of page, sit map among others will serve us to improve our performance on the network. Created by: Mulatahosting